L-in-K - Safer Way Of Communications

L-in-K is a new word and missing part of communications.

L-in-K is a new generation of well known "feedback form" for every human and company on the globe with additional functions, color styles and possibility to use in a real world using embedded QR codes or labels.
L-in-K is a free SaaS for everyone who want to keep his/her privacy safe and at the same time to be free for connect with his/her potential friends or business partners.

Owners of web sites can use their link as an universal feedback for all their sites and pages.

Here you have solution even for temporary activities, such as "contact to sale of your stuff", or "contact to find employee", or everything else of your choice.
Temporary L-in-K can be used also as a quarantine zone for your new contactees.

L-in-K ID, What is this?

L-in-K is a pseudo random "number" like 147a258u369 with formats: primary L-in-K and temporary L-in-K
For anonymous access you can use short L-in-K format with 8 symbols. In this case your contactee will see your page with default colors and anonymous settings.

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Why to use L-in-K.com?

  • L-in-K is one and only such a service and we give you the complex solution for save your privacy rights with full freedom to connect with everyone.
  • Each client can be registered free of charge on our site:
    • For use of our service you need one working "secondary" e-mail address. Please don't write real names etc. We love your privacy rights, and will make all possible legal things to keep it safe.
    • Each client will have a links to his custom pages like this:
    • He can freely place his labels or QR codes at every site along with his ads or posts and will receive emails through our service.
    • Each our user can have one random Temporary L-in-K at a time. It always starts with digits of year and month it's created - YYMM and give to your contactee information about age of it and signal about a temporary nature of it.
  • Each our client can use his own color style.
    Try demo here: Style Editor Demo
  • We are using a Google Translator to deliver our service to maximum possible number of people and to cover entire world with it.
  • We are using modern technologies to make an optimized view at most modern browsers and platforms including mobile ones. Our pages have a bigger fonts for better view at smart phones
  • Client of our service can freely use his link in his ads instead of his e-mail address or phone number.
  • L-in-K is better than publishing of Phone number - You'll never have to run to your phone to answer to call of a stranger or "spam call center".
  • L-in-K is better than bunch of Email addresses - You'll never need to register a lot of temporary email addresses for each your private action. You'll ever don't need to register a lot of L-in-K accounts. You'll never be in spam lists due to us. Your friend can write you even from any random internet terminal or smartphone and w/o access to his email.
  • You're under protection from spam:
    • Your client key is known only for your friends or contactees and only with your or their promotion someone can reach your page
    • The link with incorrect client key or with empty one will show a promo page so you do not face messages from random individuals.
    • Industry "standard" protection - by using L-in-K your e-mail stays unknown to contactee or potential spammer.
    • Your page have an anti bot system - reCaptcha(1), which eliminates chances of any bot to send you message from your L-in-K page.
  • We'll gladly receive any of your proposals with this project
  • (1) - reCaptcha is a product of Google.